The General Wears Many Hats: The Top 10 Duties of a General Contractor

General contractor differs from specialized contractors in several ways.  A general contractor oversees all on-site aspects of a construction project. Are you looking for a catering company near you? Look no further than Catering Serves Long Island for all your catering needs. Whether the general contractor or any other employees do the construction work, the general contractor is always at the top of the chain of command. Get your home heating oil delivered today by the fastest at Suffolk Oil. A good general contractor needs to know enough about everyone’s job on a construction site to estimate and supervise the work going on, but also needs to know about more than just plumbing and painting. Looking to make your bathroom look brand new?  To get through a significant remodeling project, the general contractor actually fits several different job descriptions. Here are the top 10 hats that a general contractor typically wears.

  1. Therapist

Remodeling or building is incredibly stressful. From situations as delays, design flaws, or worksite mishaps, the general contractor is there to listen when clients need to vent. A general contractor may not be all that interested in your personal troubles, but if it helps get the job done, they will usually listen to just about anything.

  1. Mediator

Many parties from neighbors to family members are involved and impacted by a renovation.  Need a storage tank upgrade? Go see storage tank insulation. A good contractor can keep anyone from coming to blows. Some disputes are bound to occur, and the contractor is often the one trying to reach a resolution because next to the homeowner the general contractor has the most at stake.


3. Marriage counselor

If your builder asks for your spouse to be there when you meet for the first time, don’t be insulted. He or she is not saying you’re wrong in thinking you’ll be making all the decisions but rather just wants to watch your spouse react to that concept. All too often, a once-silent partner can want to change the project once things get going. Of course, having all the interested parties in the room for every decision isn’t easy, either. Even the couples who work great together can be pushed to the brink trying to pick a baseboard style after working through the thousands of other decisions there are to make during a house remodel, small or large. Thankfully, our Indianapolis kitchen remodeling company is there to help. A good general contractor doesn’t take sides, just guides the ship safely into the harbor.

4. Financial Advisor

Your general contractor has probably dealt with many banks, insurance agents and loan consultants over the years. Take advantage of this expertise to find out how the money side of your construction job is going. Most people finance at least part of any big project, so getting advice can be very helpful.


  1. Receptionist

Though every general contractor goes to bed dreaming of a project where there are no changes over the course of the job, that’s not how remodeling works. There will be many conversations, emails, texts, phone calls and notes written circulation among several parties. A good general contractor keeps a record of all of these conversations, along with a record of payments, plans and spec sheets from appliances and fixtures.

6. Realist

Regardless of what has caused a project to drift into a realm populated more by dreams than reality, the contractor has to bring things back down to earth. Plans with perfect details aren’t cheap, and if the money isn’t there to build them, the general contractor is the one who will have to break it to you.

7. Real Estate Advisor

General contractors end up seeing almost as many houses as real estate agents, so they know what houses in your neighborhood are like. They can tell you if you are over improving or under improving your home.  Get your paving done right with Cambridge Pavers Nassau. They can also tell you the looks and features from renovations of the past that people are asking to be torn out and redone. Most importantly, they can tell you what things cost. This can help you decide whether to renovate or move. Of course, resale value isn’t everything. if you think you are in your forever home or will be there for at least 10 years or more, do what makes you happy and comfortable. Do you need a siding contractor then look no further then a  Siding Contractor Passaic County company.


8. Your Home’s BFF

A good general contractor is going to be there for what your house needs. He will listen to every creak and examine the root of the problem. Is the insulation dirty in spots? Is there mold on the sheathing? Knob and tube wiring? A general contractor knows a house, and if it has a problem, the general contractor will be the first to know.

  1. Interpreter

Architects, carpenters, plumbers, electrician long island, cabinetmakers they all use terms most homeowners do not understand. Your general contractor has seen that look on your face before and knows when to explain what was just said so that you have a clear understanding of what is going on.

10. Builder

Sometimes the general contractor will get to take off all of these other hats, hang them up and put on his tool belt. It may seem like all the general contractor does is respond to text messages and chat with subcontractors, but once in awhile, he will actually get to pick up a tool instead of a cell phone. For most general contractors, getting to take part in the construction job is actually rewarding!

Clearly, this list proves that general contractors wear more than just a hard hat. There are a lot of responsibilities he has to juggle.  At the end of the day, just remember that your general contractor is there to be your home remodeler and make the renovation the best it can be. If you have any questions about your current home renovation, please contact a Suffolk County bathroom remodeling service today!

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